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How to download videos from Facebook? Easy guide for Android, iOS and PC

How to download videos from Facebook? Easy guide for Android, iOS and PC

(Photo by Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP)

Photo: AFP Agency

The world of social networks is constantly updated and although there are some millennials in their thirties who do not leave Facebook, currently Meta owners precisely of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, among others, compete directly with the owners of TikTok, Twitter and even Twitch. .

Short videos are part of the current taste, since fast consumption becomes a trend in the applications that offer these services, such as Instagram and TikTok. Also, Facebook Watch contains millions of videos that Internet users are constantly trying to download, so today you will know how to download videos from Facebook.

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But before that, Facebook is still the most popular social network worldwide, a study by the Harris Poll firm stated that more than 513,000 comments and more than 293,000 publications are published per minute. Therefore, it is not very uncommon for people to search for how to download videos from Facebook; below, learn how to do it from an Android phone, computer, or iPhone.

How to download facebook videos from computer

Although many websites tell you that to download videos from Facebook you must use a program, most likely they will sell you software or advertising. The truth is that doing so is as easy as taking the link of the video that appears if you click on the three horizontal points and click on Copy link.

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Then you must enter this website https://fdown.net/ where you will paste the link you just copied. Click GO and choose the quality of the video in which you want to download it. Then press Download and wait for the download to start on your PC.

How to download Facebook videos from Android devices

The first step to have a Facebook video on your Android phone is the same as with the computer. Extract the required video link by clicking Copy Link. Next, open this portal in your browser http://fbdownloader.net/ and paste the link you just copied.

Click on GO to start uploading the video, then a window will open where you must click on the three points on the navigation bar and click on Download. Now the video will be saved on your device.

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How to download videos from Facebook with your iPhone

Doing it from your iPhone is also very easy, when you know what video to download, share it as if it were going to be published on your profile; however, before doing so, click More Options, from there you can extract the video link.

Enter this portal in your Safari browser http://getfvid.com/ and Paste it in the bar, indicate the quality of the video and press Download to start the download.

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