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How to download the iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone

How to download the iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone

A few days ago, we explained to you how to download the new watchOS 9 in preview. Today, we want to talk to you, instead, about how to download iOS 16 on your iPhone before its official launch. Here, too, you have to rely on Apple’s public beta testing program.

Well yes, it is possible try iOS 16 before it is officially released by Apple. All you have to do is sign up for the public beta testing program. By following a series of steps (explained below), you can try all, or almost all, the novelties that the new update brings to the field. Ready to know how to do it? Let’s go and find out together.

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iOS 16: how to download the public beta on iPhone

Before reading the procedure, make sure you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 16 (iPhone 8 and later). Recall that it is still a beta. Bugs may occur during daily use of the device. Once the update has been downloaded, there is no going back. Taking note of this, let’s explain how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone:

  1. From the iPhone you want to update, access the Apple’s public beta testing site using safari;
  2. Tap on “Sign in” at the top of the page;
  3. Access the profile by entering your Apple ID credentials;
  4. Select the wording “Enroll your Devices” at the top of the page;
  5. Look for and select the wording “Download profile”;
  6. Confirm the download and wait for it to complete;
  7. Open the iPhone settings;
  8. Tap on the wording “Downloaded profile” which appears under the button of your Apple ID;
  9. Select the word “Install”;
  10. Confirm your choice by entering your Apple ID credentials and wait for the device to restart.
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After the device restarts automatically:

  1. Access the iPhone settings again;
  2. Tap on the item “General”;
  3. Select “Software update”;
  4. Tap on “Install” in the iOS 16 tab.

You just have to wait for the download to complete and the device to restart and that’s it. You can finally try out all the news of the new operating system!

Ph. Credit: Apple.com