How to disable autoplay for Xbox Store videos on Xbox One

The moment you browse the Xbox One Store on the console, the promotional videos will automatically play in a way that is set the moment you open the store page for a game. Sometimes these videos and trailers offer useful information about the game to assess your acquisition resolution, but the automatic playback of videos with sound is never a positive thing, especially if the volume of your TV is high and you do not expect a video to be played smoothly. automatically.
Conveniently, there is a way to disable autoplay of videos in the Xbox One store. Now, the steps to use the latest version of the Xbox One system program as of the publication date of this article are outlined.

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Disable autoplay for Xbox Store videos

  1. On the console’s Xbox Store layout, choose the button with the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. From the menu that appears, choose Changes.
  3. Find the option labeled Play Videos Automatically and turn it off.
  4. After disabling the video autoplay feature of the Xbox Store, you will see a game’s artwork in the background of its store page instead of in the autoplay video. You can always manually play these videos by simply selecting them in the Trailers or Game Clips section of the game page.

The preceding steps are for the Xbox One family of consoles only: Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. These steps do not apply to Xbox 360, the Windows-based Xbox app, or the web-based Xbox Marketplace layout .
Also keep in mind that you must be in an item in the store to see the menu with the three dots. Among other things, an individual game page or a curated Xbox games list Xbox games list. This menu will not appear on the main page of the store that is accessed from the Xbox One home interface, or from many private or promotional pages of the store. Unfortunately, today there is no way to enter the Xbox Store settings from the primary configuration layout of the console.

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