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How to deactivate the Google Assistant on an Android mobile

How to deactivate the Google Assistant on an Android mobile

Google Assistant is one of the most competent virtual assistants today, and in recent weeks it has released important updates. For example, it now has the ability to learn how to pronounce names correctly and can also help you send voice notes.

Google Assistant enhances the smartphone user experience, but if you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off.

Google Assistant also has very useful commands, but you may have come to the conclusion that it is not for you and you do not want to have it on your Android device anymore. Either because your mobile is a bit old or because you don’t use this tool, you always have the possibility to disable Google Assistant on your Android mobile.

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This is what you have to do to deactivate Google Assistant in the easiest way possible. It is a safe and fast procedure that will not give you headaches. Simply follow our prompts and end of problem.

Why should I disable Google Assistant

There are several reasons that could make you make a decision like this. If you don’t use the wizard, just get rid of it because you prefer to do things manually. It makes no sense to have it activated because it will drain the phone’s battery faster and use more processing capacity.

Another compelling reason is that there are users who feel uncomfortable knowing that Google is always listening to them. If privacy is something very important to you, it is better that you leave aside the virtual assistant. As a bonus, this will also help you avoid being tracked by your smartphone.

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How to disable Google Assistant

– Enter the Google application and click on your profile picture.

– Tap “Settings” – “Google Assistant” – “Hey Google” – “Voice Match”.

– Select “Voice model” – “Delete voice model” – “OK”.

– Now, go back to Google “Settings”, tap on “General” and disable “Google Assistant”.

That is the only thing you have to do to get rid of Assistant, they are very easy steps to follow and they will not interfere with the performance of your mobile.