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How to cut video on iPhone without downloading any applications

How to cut video on iPhone without downloading any applications

A video on iPhone is too long and you would like to cut it? Well, know that it is possible to do this without having to download anything. All you will need is an app from the factory in your iPhone, nothing else. Curious to find out more about it and finally cut your video? Here’s what you need to know!

For several years now, Apple has offered a number of photo and video editing tools within its native “Photos” app. To cut a video, then, that’s enough use the app you use every day to browse photos. If you have difficulty understanding how to do it, don’t worry, in this article we are going to bring you the whole procedure in detail.

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iPhone: Trim videos using the Photos app

Cutting video on iPhone is really very simple, all you need to do is:

  1. From the iPhone Home screen, tap on the “Photos” app;
  2. Scroll through the contents and locate the video you want to cut;
  3. Tap on it;
  4. Once the video is open, tap on the “Edit” item at the top right of the display;
  5. Among the tools that appear, focus on the timeline that appears immediately below the video;
  6. Drag the indicators at the ends of the timeline (each marked by an arrow) to the right or left to cut the part of the video you are interested in;
  7. Tap on the item “Fine” at the bottom right of the display;
  8. Confirm the modification by choosing whether to save the trimmed video as a new clip or whether to make the modification on the original video.
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At the end of the procedure, the video (whether new or old) will appear in the photo library.

We remind you that, in addition to cutting, it is possible to make many other changes to the videos simply by using the “Photos” app. Just open any one and tap on “Edit” at the top right of the display to reveal the tools to crop, rotate, add filters and more.. The possibilities are so many.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com