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How to copy files to Android 11 OBB and data folders

How to copy files to Android 11 OBB and data folders

Android took a big step forward in its eleventh version in terms of privacy and security. Among other things, it added temporary permissions and permissions that expire to prevent apps from abusing the power they have on your phone. Along the same lines, Android 11 introduced a new restriction that prevents apps from accessing other apps’ storage.

Therefore, Android no longer allows any apps, not even file explorers, to access the Data and OBB folders that many users regularly access to install XAPK files without third-party apps or games downloaded outside of the Play Store. Therefore, this new Android 11 restriction did not sit well with the community.

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Luckily, there is a way to bypass this restriction and then we’ll show you how to do whatever you want in the Data and OBB folders of your Android 11.

Access Android 11 OBB and data folders – this is all you need to do

When you try to pass something to the Android 11 data and OBB folders, they will appear empty with the following message: “The content of this folder cannot be displayed here due to Android 11 restrictions. Manufacturer-signed Androids can access those folders (such as Play Store, Samsung Store, and perhaps Samsung File Manager).

However, there is an app that can bypass this restriction. It’s called Explorer, it’s free and it only weighs 4 MB. No other file explorer we’ve tested can do this, only Explorer. So if you need to copy files to the Android 11 data and OBB folders, just do this:

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That’s it! Thus, you will have transferred your files to the Data and OBB folders of Android 11 without problems. In case Explorer can’t access these folders, long press its icon in the app drawer and choose App Info. Then go to Advanced settings and turn on the Install unknown apps switch. That way, the problem should be fixed.

Another trick to copy files to the data and OBB folders of Android 11

On some phones running Android 11, files can also be copied to the Data and OBB folders like this:

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Smart! The key to this method is don’t use the copy, paste or move options, but use the drag gesture to move them to Data or OBB without Android 11 stopping you.

We only tested this method on a mobile with Xiaomi 12.5 based on Android 11, although we assume that it also works on other mobiles with Android 11 since the file browser used is the system one.

The Ultimate Solution: Use Your PC to Move Your Android 11 Files to the Data and OBB Folders

But if none of the above methods worked for you, the only thing left to do is to transfer files to data or OBB folder via PC by following these steps:

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It does! As simple as that. The good thing about this method is that it is foolproof, because Android 11 cannot limit what you do on your mobile from your PC. The downside is that you will necessarily need a PC to move the files.

Anyway, tell us which of these methods do you prefer