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How to choose a fitness tracker

How to choose a fitness tracker

If you are one of those people who care about physical well-being, then you might need a fitness tracker. thanks to a device of this type, in fact, it is possible to monitor a series of parameters that allow you to understand if you are doing a good job during your physical activity.

In recent years, a flood of fitness trackers have come onto the market. There are practically all forms and with the most disparate functionalities. If you don’t know where to put your hands, choosing one can be really difficult. In this article, we are going to indicate the various aspects to take into account when deciding to buy a fitness tracker.

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Fitness tracker: how to choose it best

As we have just mentioned, the fitness trackers currently on the market are very different from each other. It is therefore important to understand what your needs are to get the most suitable product. Below, we list the features to look at when choosing a new fitness watch.

Smartwatch or smartband

While they both allow you to track physical activity, they are two very different product categories. Smartwatches are real smart watches. Consequently, in addition to the monitoring functions of physical activity, for example, they also allow you to browse online, listen to music, browse multimedia content, make phone calls, etc. Smart bands, on the other hand, are entirely focused on fitness activities. They are suitable for those who want to save and who do not care much about the smart aspect.

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The display can be a deciding feature when choosing which smartwatch to buy. In this case, the choices are truly endless. There are smartwatches on the market with very advanced panels, such as always on OLED displays, which allow you to enjoy high-resolution multimedia content and even fitness trackers with basic panels that show only basic information. As already said, the needle of the scale shifts the use to be made of it.


Convenience is certainly an important aspect. It is therefore necessary to choose a fitness tracker that is not annoying during use. In addition to the type of case, what most influences making a watch comfortable is the strap. There are proposals on the market for all tastes: steel links, silicone bands, nylon straps, classic leather straps. We also remind you that many smartwatches allow, after purchase, to replace the straps according to your needs.

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The autonomy can change a lot according to the different fitness trackers. In particular, smartwatches, being richer in functions, have a maximum autonomy of a few days. Smart bands, on the other hand, being more minimal, can reach an autonomy of a few weeks.

Resistance to water

This is a fundamental aspect to look at in a smart watch. If you are going to use the tracker in situations involving water (in the pool, in the sea, in the shower, in the rain), you need to choose a device with a liquid resistance certification.

Activity tracker functionality

Finally, most importantly, the physical activity tracking features. The vast majority of smart watches offer all standard monitoring functions: pedometer, heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc. There are some features, however, that are exclusive to only some models. If you are interested in a particular parameter, it is good to check that the smartwatch monitors it.