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How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS and Android

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS and Android

Activating dark mode on your smartphone can lead to a number of benefits. For example, if you own a smartphone with an OLED display, you may notice an improvement in autonomy. But not only that, even to the eyes, the dark mode can be less tiring than the light one. If you are a big user of Whatsapp, know that you can activate the theme for that app as well. Whether you want to take advantage of the benefits or simply savor their aesthetics, the activation procedure is always the same. Let’s find out together.

You want to turn dark mode on Whatsapp, but you have no idea how to do it? The procedure is much simpler than you think. We remember that it is possible to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android devices. As for iOS, in particular, it is necessary that the smartphone has installed at least iOS 13.

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WhatsApp: activate dark mode in simple steps


The dark mode of apps on iOS 13 and later goes hand in hand with system settings. In fact, it is enough to activate the mode for the entire system to automatically find it again active even in the third-party apps installed. How you do it?

  1. Open the device settings (gear icon);
  2. Look for and select the item “Screen and brightness”;
  3. In the “Appearance” section, put a tick on “Dark”.

At this point, you will see the theme of your smartphone change in real time from light to dark. Just enter WhatsApp to realize that dark mode has also been activated within this app!

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The activation procedure on Android may vary slightly from device to device. If you have Android 10 or laterLike on iOS, the dark mode of third-party apps goes hand in hand with that of the operating system. Consequently, it will be enough to activate that to have it also in all the apps:

  1. Open the device settings;
  2. Search and select the item “Display”;
  3. Select the item “Theme”;
  4. Activate the dark mode using the appropriate setting.

For latest generation Huawei smartphone the procedure, on the other hand, is:

  1. Open the device settings;
  2. Select the “Battery” item;
  3. Set the switch for “Interface Dark Colors” to “On”.
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On smartphone with Android 9 or earlier, on the other hand, the dark mode can only be activated within the WhatsApp app. The procedure to follow is:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app;
  2. Click on the three dots symbol located at the top right of the screen;
  3. Select the item “Settings”;
  4. Choose the item “Chat”;
  5. Select the wording “Theme”;
  6. Choose “Dark” and confirm by pressing “Ok”.