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How technologies are changing the way business is done

How technologies are changing the way business is done

The way of doing business has changed completely compared to years ago: technology is now part of everyone’s life and is exploited a lot by companies to reach potential customers. The first thing you think about is, for example, the fact that many physical stores now almost all have an online e-commerce; some have even closed the store to dedicate themselves completely to online sales.

Other glaring examples that we face every day are the car with automatic driving, intelligent voice assistants or robots that replace the manual labor of humans. Businesses that use technology for optimize work processes they work better because they are able to be more organized and competent. Precisely for this, companies like Kyocera Document Solutions create ECM solutions for companies, to help simplify workflows, dematerializing documents and structuring document processes. All this also contributes to creating interoperability between company departments.

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Here are some concrete examples that make us understand how technologies are radically changing the way we do business in different sectors.

Communication has changed

Communication in the world has radically transformed with the birth of social media. but clear changes have also been seen in the offices. If before to attend a meeting you had to physically be in the workplace, today it is possible to participate through dedicated applications, such as Zoom, Google Meet or Slack. Some of these platforms also help to plan the daily work plan, organizing tasks and deadlines to increase efficiency and performance. Companies also exploit communication to attract new customers, creating targeted and personalized messages, but, above all, creating content with added value and tracking every activity. The data becomes the empirical basis on which to base strategies and objectives.

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Less paper is used

Sustainability is a value that can no longer be ignored and every means to counter the climate crisis must be put in place. Because of this, companies are using less and less paper, favoring the use of software instead that help organize documents and contents to support digital transformation and Industry 4.0. In addition to being good for the environment, adopting a digital approach helps simplify work processes: there will be no risk of losing or deleting important documents because they will all be stored in online folders and the search for the content will be structured and fast, thanks to the use of tools such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In this way the information can be easily shared by the whole team and there will be no need to exchange continuous e-mails or send attachments respecting certain times: “everywhere and everytime always connected”.

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Cyber ​​security has become paramount

As technology is increasingly used, cybersecurity has also begun to play a key role for businesses. For avoid data breach or hacker attacks, many companies have invested in greater security, focusing on employee training and integrating IT in every area, not just in data management or workstation maintenance. Not just big companies, but SMEs have also started investing in security, protecting data with backups and with the help of external companies specialized in IT security. For Kyocera Document Solutions, for example, security is a “must” and to this end, Kyocera systems adopt various functions and / or tools to guarantee the security of data, user access and network connections.

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Smart working is more frequent

Work from home is increasingly on the rise, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the entire population in recent years. Many companies have been forced to use a remote work system, even if they were not quite ready, but they have realized how much it can be beneficial for both employees and the company itself. This is how office work has transformed in a system where meetings are held by videoconference and work management is organized entirely remotely. Also in this case, technology has proved to be a fundamental resource: many workers have been able to improve the quality of life by avoiding taking means of transport or spending hours in traffic, in this way productivity has also increased.

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Artificial intelligence is increasingly used

People are increasingly using artificial intelligence to do anything: ask for information, draw up a shopping list, turn on the lights. Companies, to keep up with the times, must meet the needs of consumers and propose innovative systems driven by AI. Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant are prime examples of how artificial intelligence has entered everyone’s homes. These voice assistants speak as if they are real people and help us solve certain problems. They assimilate all the data and information in order to be more and more useful.