Horizon: Zero Dawn Has The Best PS4 Clouds From DriveClub

Forget games like Crackdown 3 – this one here is the real power of the cloud. As part of a presentation at SIGGRAPH 2015, Dutch developer Guerrilla Games briefly touched on the volumetric clouds that will be featured in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive edition Horizon: Zero Dawn. And although it all gets very technical and a bit boring, we can confirm that they look amazing.

Perhaps the most interesting anecdote is not how the technology works, but why the studio decided to build it in the first place. “In the past, Guerrilla has been known for the Killzone series of games, which are first-person shooters,” explained senior effects chief Andrew Schneider. “FPS typically restrict the player to a predefined track, which means we can layer things like clouds using billboards and highly detailed sky domes to create a very art-oriented sky.”

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You can’t do this in your next RPG, of course, because it’s open world. As you can see in the video, the environment is also governed by a very realistic day and night cycle, and there will also be weather effects in the final product. These are new challenges for the studio, then, but we have faith in their ability to deliver. In fact, if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that this game will look amazing.