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High Cholesterol: Nuts help reduce it naturally

High Cholesterol: Nuts help reduce it naturally

The cholesterol it is a fatty substance essential for the formation of cells in the body; however, by consuming trans fats and processed foods, this lipid can accumulate excessively in the blood, preventing it from flowing normally through the arteries. Also, cholesterol is needed for the normal functioning of the organism. Most of this fat is produced in the liver, although it can also be obtained from some foods. It is worth remembering that the body needs certain amounts of cholesterol to function properly.

The cholesterol is present in almost the entire body, especially in the skin, muscles, heart, nervous system, liver and intestines. Furthermore, it is divided into two categories that allow us to identify whether it is bad or good cholesterol, called LDL and HDL respectively. Bad cholesterol is produced from a high-fat diet, sausages, fried foods, sweets, among others. If people are said to have LDL (bad) cholesterol, it means they have too much of it in their blood. This extra LDL, together with other substances, forms the so-called plate, which builds up in the arteries and causes the disease known as atherosclerosis. Plaque restricts free blood circulation, and while there are no miracle foods to prevent it, there are foods and habits that can help reduce bad cholesterol (HDL) and triglyceride levels. It is worth remembering that people with this disease must be under medical observation.

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THE lifestyle changes they can help improve blood cholesterol levels and improve medications prescribed for this disease. Medicines help reduce the levels of this lipid in the blood, but if they are accompanied by healthy habits, the results will be quicker and more effective.

The walnuts can help reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood; provided they are accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. Walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients; In addition, they are easy to pack and transport and are excellent allies to be consumed immediately or to accompany a delicious salad.

People at risk of heart attack can reduce their risk by following a healthy meal plan that includes nuts.

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