Guide: How to get allies to join Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Without giving too much away, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s final mission is to bring the “gang” together for one final battle, but how can you ensure all allies join Aloy and unlock an important Bronze Trophy as part of the process?

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How to get the Allies to join the Trophy on the Horizon: Zero Dawn

It’s very simple actually: you need to complete 11 side quests in the game before activating The Looming Shadow quest. Don’t worry if you’re itching to see the story’s conclusion: the game will rewind time to a point before this quest once the credits have rolled over, allowing you to complete any additional quests left over later if you so wish. you want it

We understand that the Trophy is unmissable; dialogue decisions don’t seem to have anything to do with the number of allies that join you in the final mission. If you don’t want to risk playing through the game multiple times, your best bet is to always select the “Heart” option during dialogue.

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Secondary requests you need to complete to get all the optional allies

Here are the additional requests you need to complete to get all the optional allies in Horizon: Zero Dawn:

  • the peace of a moment

  • Revenge of a daughter

  • Sun and shadow

  • honor the fallen

  • Sunstone Rock

  • Hunting for the Lodge – Blind Hunter – Deadliest Game – Redmaw

  • Traitor’s Bounty – Queen’s Gambit

Which optional allies need to join Aloy to unlock the Trophy?

Here is a list of all the optional allies that will need to join Aloy to unlock the All Allies Joined Trophy:

  • Aluki

  • elida

  • Erend

  • janeva

  • Nakoa

  • namman

  • Petra

  • sound

  • Talanah

  • Theb

  • Uthid

  • Vanessa

  • various

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Once you’ve completed all 11 required side quests, play through The Looming Shadow quest (either for the first or second time), and the trophy should pop.

Have you already completed Horizon? Zero Dawn? So you may be wondering where to locate all the Power Cells to get the Shield-Weaver equipment from the Ancient Armory. You may also want to check your progress with our full Horizon: Zero Dawn quest list walkthrough. Finally, we can help you locate all of the Metal Flowers, Ancient Vessels, Vantages, and Banuk Figurines.

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