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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuning Now Available New LS Car Club, New Races, Heist Contracts & More

GTA Online: Los Santos Tuning Now Available New LS Car Club, New Races, Heist Contracts & More

GTA Online: Los Santos Tuning is now available to download, delivering the best of underground street racing culture, high-stakes action, new music and more in one massive update.

Read on for today’s Newswire which contains the full details, along with trailer links and details on more to come.


Car culture returns to the streets with GTA Online: Tuning in Los Santos.

Tuning in Los Santos offers a new fast-paced update for all fans of GTA Online. Includes the LS car club– A new club and social space where players can come together and show off their custom vehicles, test drive new cars with their friends in a private area, watch others modify their vehicles in real time, and many other features that players have requested through of your comments. In addition, we have 10 highly customizable new cars with various tuning-inspired looks, a new workshop that you can buy, six contracts action-packed heists, new races, loads of functional upgrades and much more.

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Mimi runs the LS Car Club in a dilapidated warehouse on the outskirts of town. For GTA$50,000 you can purchase a membership and access hundreds of levels of unlockable clothing, new career modes, designer wheels and paints, special prices and contacts that will help you in the contracts.

You will also have access to test circuitin which you can take your vehicle to the limit or any of the three test cars available. After the launch of Tuning in Los Santos you will be able to try the Karin Calico GTFthe Annis Euros and you can also try in person the Pfister Comet S2 which is coming to Legendary Motorsport next week.

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Members will also be able to access six new types of careersto a shared workshop where they can customize their vehicles and see how others modify theirs, to a merchandise store and to gift vehicle: The chance to win the vehicle on display in the Vapid Slamtruck by participating in the weekly challenges.


The LS Car Club is just the beginning – the contacts you’ll make there will open doors to new opportunities to enjoy the action and make some quick bucks. Moodymann is an artist who shows off his incredible talent on the turntables of The Music Locker, but Kenny (aka KDJ) also has a passion for cars, and with Sessanta, his partner, seeks to get rich by stealing high-value targets.

All you need to access their network is a garage – talk to KDJ and Sessanta at the LS Car Club and find out how to invest in one via the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Although the garage functions as a legitimate business where you can modify vehicles and deliver them to your customers throughout the city, this property also serves as a base of operations for carrying out contracts.

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Contracts give you access to important jobs: rob the IAA, Merryweather, etc. Each consists of planning jobs and final missions, and can be played solo or with up to three other players. A precisely modified vehicle (according to your needs and requirements) will be an extremely valuable resource in these missions.

The garage also offers a 10-car dealership-style garage, a mod area for your personal vehicles and those of your friends, and access to the exotic export list (a daily list of additional tasks that will task you with obtaining vehicles throughout the city), plus optional upgrades like drivers to help you deliver vehicles, a hydraulic lift for more space, a private room, and more.

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Tuning in Los Santos It comes with a few changes to the radio and new ways to find and listen to music while roaming the streets. Simply locate a number of collectible music USB sticks that contain music that you can enjoy in your car.

If you find the Moodymann Music USB, you’ll discover a fabulous summer mix of classics and exclusives including all-star collaborations from Nez, Channel Tres, Gangsta Boo and Jesse Johnson of The Time, Prince’s legendary band. It will be perfect to take you around the city or to put it in your next barbecue.

You can also find all four “Monday Dreamin’” EPs from CircoLoco Records, the new record label created by Rockstar Games and CircoLoco, the legends of club culture. If you get all four Monday Dreamin’ music USBs, you will unlock a special version of the Monday Dreamin’ compilation in DJ mix format with new interpretations of all 20 songs created exclusively for Tuning in Los Santos.

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Today’s release includes a batch of 10 highly customizable new vehicles, both domestic and imported, from different classes:

Don’t miss out on new vehicles arriving in the coming weeks.


Car culture and fashion have always gone hand in hand, and streetwear brand Born x Raised knows that perfectly. The sample is now on the shelves of every clothing store in Los Santos. You’ll find BxR’s Olde English font on the KDJ aka Moodymann jacket, and you’ll be able to spot two new Born x Raised t-shirts on the streets. Get the Born x Raised black T-shirt at any clothing store and unlock the Born x Raised white T-shirt by completing the final mission of a heist contract (which you will receive in less than 72 hours after you log in after August 2).

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This fall, the release of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S will take vehicle performance to a new level with increased top speeds for certain modified vehicles in the LS Car Club.


In the LS Car Club, every week there are fantastic new opportunities to put your skills (and vehicle specs) to the test – max out a selection of three test cars on the test track and take on the challenges weekly to try to win various gift vehicles that will rotate.

Look for the gift vehicle on top of the LS Customs Slamtruck and complete the weekly challenge for a chance to win it. This week is all about the mind-blowing Annis Remus, which you can earn if you rank in the top three in a street race three days in a row between now and July 27. Also remember to take a look at this week’s test cars: the new Karin Calico GTF and Annis Eurosand the Pfister Comet S2which will go on sale next week. You can now take a ride with them on the test circuit.

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Everyone who participated in last week’s Club playing GTA Online between July 15-19 and logs in this week will get the LS Customs t-shirt. Players who participated in an impromptu race between those dates and play this week will receive the LS Customs tour jacketwhile those who stole a vehicle and sold it to LS Customs will get the jumpsuit by LS Customs. All this for free and in less than 72 hours after playing.


Visit the LS Car Club this week and you’ll get the uni LS Customs jacket. If you purchase a membership, you’ll receive the Ron racing livery for the Pfister Comet S2, which goes on sale next week. Participate in some drag racing before July 28 to get the Rockstar pattern yellow t-shirt. If you increase your reputation and reach Car Club level 20 before August 17th, you will get a GTA$250,000 bonus. All these prizes will be delivered in less than 72 hours after obtaining them.

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Stay tuned in the coming weeks. Members of the LS Car Club will be able to access certain rotating test cars, giveaway vehicles and challenges. We’re also preparing new vehicles, new heist contracts, and more collectibles on the city shore.


Get double rewards in the South San Andreas Super Series and visit The Diamond ****** & Resort for a chance to win the Ocelot Lynx on the lucky wheel. Also, take advantage of the following offers:

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GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive GTA$100,000 for playing anytime this week.

Additionally, Prime Gaming members can get the workshop located in Strawberry for free, as well as exclusive offers like 70% off the Buckingham Valkyrie and 80% off the Dinka Sugoi.

don’t forget to visit Prime Gaming and sign up if you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming benefits.

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