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Google’s 10 reasons for you to change your iPhone for an Android

Google’s 10 reasons for you to change your iPhone for an Android


Google tries to attract iPhone users to Android with these 10 reasons, will it succeed?

Not long ago Google introduced its “Switch to Android” App, an app to make it easier for iPhone users to switch to Android by facilitating the transfer of data and information. Apple also has a similar app called “Move to iOS.”

This application has been adding support for more devices and Google has created a specific website that explains the process. And this is where you’ll find a link to his blog with Google’s 10 Reasons to Switch to Android.

iOS and Android are rivals that work differently

10 reasons to switch to Android (according to Google)

In a post on its official blog, Google tries to convince iPhone users to switch to Android with 10 reasons. Will he succeed? I personally have my doubts:

  1. Express yourself in new ways – With the Messages app and Gboard, it’s easy and enjoyable to send messages, especially between friends who use Android. Group chats, high-quality photo and video sharing, read receipts, and emoji reactions are all available thanks to RCS, and thousands of mashup emoji stickers are there to help you express your feelings. (Rest assured, your iPhone friends will continue to receive your messages as well.)
  2. Video chat with anyone, anywhere – If your friends and family have Google accounts, it’s easier than ever to video chat with Google Meet on Android. Or if you prefer FaceTime, you can still use it in the latest version of Chrome. Or with apps like WhatsApp on Google Play, you can chat with anyone you want for free around the world. Android has so many options, it’s easy to stay connected to the ones that matter most to you.
  3. Tune in to your favorite music – Catch up on the latest hits with your favorite streaming service available on Android. And if you’ve already bought and downloaded music to your iPhone, your music will be transferred to your Android phone, as long as it’s free of digital rights management (DRM). Your Apple Music purchases and downloaded content will continue to be accessible on your new Android device when you download the Apple Music app.
  4. Your favorite apps and more – With Google Play, you’ll find the apps you already use and love, and quickly start discovering many more. Want to plan an outdoor getaway? Hipcamp will help you book your next campsite, Skyview Lite will be your guide to stargazing in the sky, and AllTrails will help you find the perfect hike for you and your friends. A summer of fun made possible with your new Android.
  5. A privacy-focused approach: On your new phone, your data is proactively protected by Android. Android helps defeat bad apps, malware, phishing, and spam, and helps you stay one step ahead of threats. Messages, for example, help protect people from 1.5 billion spam messages a month. Android also provides timely recommendations, like asking you to select your location sharing preferences when you open an app, to help you make the best decisions for your privacy. Read more about how to keep your data private and secure.
  6. More devices that work better together – Choose from a wide variety of Fast Pair-enabled Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TV devices, and headphones like Pixel Buds that work better with your phone. In fact, some of your Apple products will still work with your Android device, like AirPods.
  7. Get more done with Google apps and services: Traveling on vacation and can’t read local signs Scan text for instant translation so you can get to your destination quickly. Are you editing a Google Doc on your laptop, but need to finish on the go? You can also easily continue working on your Android phone. Google prides itself on being helpful, and the best of Google is built into Android phones.
  8. Share music, photos, and more across devices: Nearby Sharing lets you easily share music, photos, and other files between your nearby Android and Chrome OS devices. To share content like photos and videos with non-Android devices, you can easily use sharing built into Google Photos or other apps that let you share with friends and family and keep them in an organized memory bank for future use.
  9. Personalize your home screen with Android widgets – Widgets are useful additions to any home screen, putting the information that matters most to you right at your fingertips. There will soon be 35 Google widgets available on Android, so whether you want easy access to real-time traffic predictions from Google Maps or have translations ready so you can communicate with family and friends, Android is there to make your life easier. little easier
  10. Useful technology for everyone – Everyone has their own way of using their devices. That’s why we create accessible features and products that work for the many ways people want to experience the world. Whether you want to use your device screen-free using TalkBack, or take what’s said out loud and create a real-time transcript with Live Transcribe, Android has you covered when and how you need it.
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The iPhone 13 Pro and the Pixel 6 Pro are the greatest exponents of Apple and Google

Of course, if these are the best reasons Google has found, it won’t convince many users to trade in their iPhone for an Android device. If we start to analyze each reason that Google gives us, we find that in the iPhone we have something equal or better.

The iMessage app is more complete than Messages on Android, and can even install game applications and send messages with effects. Video chat and music, even Google itself mentions Apple applications such as FaceTime or Apple Music, with the rest of the apps also available for the iPhone.

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We don’t even talk about privacy on Android and customization, after the arrival of iOS 16 I don’t think any user will ever complain about the little customization of the iPhone and your new lock screen.

FaceTime between iPhone and Android: so you can make a video call

if they’re right that if you use Google devices, like Chromebooks or Wear OS smart watches, well, there are advantages to using Android, but the same as if you have a Mac and an Apple Watch. I don’t know about you, but Google hasn’t convinced me.

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