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Google postpones all updates for Chrome and Chrome OS


Google postpones all updates for Chrome and Chrome OS

Google announced that he has momentarily suspended the next updates of versions of Chrome and Chrome OS since the forced home work for many employees it has slowed down the company’s schedule considerably, due to the coronavirus. The goal, Google said in a tweet, is to ensure that current versions continue to be stable, safe and reliable for anyone who depends on them in an already delicate period.

Google has therefore put the health of its employees first

Last week, Google had in fact required all of its North American employees to work from home at least until April 10in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which is devastating the economies of almost every country in the world, as well as causing thousands of deaths. With its teams scattered and working remotely, the last thing Google needs is to send a update Chrome or Chrome OS and eventually run into a series of bug without having the opportunity to work on it personally and as a team. With so many people across the country continuing to do their work from home, any Chrome or Chromebook malfunction would be in fact particularly problematic.

Google says it plans to prioritize security updates, which it also announces will be included in Chrome 80. It must be said that if on the one hand Google’s pension is still to be welcomed from a human point of view, it could have a not indifferent cost; among other things, the versions of Chrome have always followed one another quite consistently, causing malfunctions to be recorded very rarely. If nothing else, such news could help give an idea of ​​the gravity of the situation the whole world is in, since under normal circumstances we would have seen our apps update. without even realizing it.