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Google Pixel 2, among the rumors there will be no audio jack

Google Pixel 2, among the rumors there will be no audio jack

THE Google Pixel 2 being worked on at Google, codenames Taimen and Walleye, may have a Ambient Display like Galaxy S8. The bad news is that according to the latest rumors, the next top of the range products by Google they will lose the 3.5mm audio input.

Rumors about smartphones in progress at the green robot company multiply. Three devices initially expected, now rumors confirm two devices from multiple sources, one with a 5-inch display and one with a 6-inch display.

Google may have drawn inspiration from Galaxy S8 not only for the Ambient Display, but also for the design of its next smartphones. Rounded corners and thin bezels seem to be the keywords of this 2017, and the Google Pixel 2 will not be outdone.

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In teardown by XDA Developers of the third Developer Preview of Android O, the next Android operating system, there were many references in the code to a “doze” mode. Not to be confused with the Doze mode (with a capital D), introduced with Android Marshmallow and which allows the smartphone to enter a state of high energy saving, with practically no consumption, when not in use.

It is therefore very likely that Google is experimenting with an Ambient Display mode, given that the current and future Google Pixels use AMOLED display. A feature introduced by Samsung but that other manufacturers such as Motorola have been using differently for years.

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As for the audio jack, nothing to do. The trend of this 2017, especially affected by iPhone 7, seems to be to abandon the very convenient headphone input. A loss that will not please end users, forced to buy expensive adapters or to provide themselves with headphones with USB Type-C input.