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Google on iOS: You can now delete part of your search history

Google on iOS: You can now delete part of your search history

In its never-ending mission to convince users of its great concern for privacy, Google is launching one automatic delete function which will allow you to delete the last 15 minutes of your mobile search history. Initially, this interesting function will be made available by Google on iOS and only later will it also appear in the Android version.

How the delete function will be introduced in Google on iOS

Initially, the search engine giant announced the ability to delete the last 15 minutes of history during the Google I / O 2021 event as an additional option to the existing auto-delete feature. To date, you can choose to automatically delete every three, 18 or 36 months through your profile in the Google Search app; the new update will allow set an interval of 15 minutes after which the app will clean up your search history.

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IPhone and iPad owners who can already access this feature will see it appear in the Google app for iOS. Just tap on your profile avatar photo to find the button to clear the last 15 minutes under the Search History heading. This function allows you to delete the data more satisfactorily compared to the incognito mode, and it is useful in a moment of crisis if you realize that the time spent on Google searches and the searched contents are not something you want to feed the algorithm.

Additionally, Google is recommending the features of privacy and security control, which are two handy ways to see which third parties have granted Google Account access over the years. It may take some time to review these two very useful features, but protecting your privacy is certainly worth the effort.