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Google Chrome, the best browser extensions

Google Chrome, the best browser extensions

Google Chrome it is certainly an excellent browser, which can be further improved by integrating the Extensions present in the program options. Let’s see what the best add-ons for the G-Browser.

Google Chrome, the best extensions

After carefully examining the differences between the various browsers and having elected the winner, let’s go back to talking about navigation software by examining a topic that is certainly of public interest, the best extensions for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome it can considerably extend its functionality by becoming, in fact, an environment in its own right that well integrates a heterogeneous multiplicity of functions that are not at all displeased by its users who use them with assiduous frequency. We will therefore see which are the best Chrome extensions.

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Extensions are basically small programs that add extra functions to our browser. These can be reached from the Chrome Web Store and, once added, we find them in the Settings under the heading Extensions to the Other Tools submenu.

And here are the most downloaded and best extensions in the Chrome Store.

Google Earth View Tab

See the world from another perspective. The extension always displays a different image for each open tab making its own possible download and theinteraction with Google Maps.

Download it from here.

Password Manager: LastPass

Remembering the logins and credentials for each site is really a hassle. LastPass really makes the process much easier, allowing you to create an archive that contains the passwords of all our websites, which are automatically retrieved without the need for continuous retyping at each new login.

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Download LastPass from here.


A really useful extension that allows us to avoid distractions for long periods of time during the web browsing via Google Chrome. In fact, if active and present, it sets by default a limit duration of 10 minutes, variable at will, within which to stay online on certain websites.

Download StayFocusd from here.

Google dictionary

The extension Google Chrome Dictionary will make the translation of headwords unknown to us really fast. Much faster than any other operating method as it is sufficient to highlight the unknown word and click on the dictionary icon next to the browser URL to proceed with its translation.

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By clicking on the dictionary in the absence of selected words, the actual dictionary function is activated.

Download the Google Dictionary Extension from here.

Margin Notes Extension

The extension allows you to add a notebook to a web page for notes without having to switch between applications. The notes are then saved directly to Dropbox in such a way that they can be easily fished out at a later time. What already happens natively on browsers like Microsoft Edge.

Download it from here.


Honey is a really useful extension, this must be acknowledged. In fact, it allows you to “clean up” thoroughly, removing spam-emails and newsletters, even if they contain particularly attractive coupons.

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In fact, by pressing a simple button you can sift through the promotional emails you have signed up to, showing a series of discount codes when you make an online purchase.

You can download it from this link.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang allows you to schedule your email messages in advance, keeping track of those sent. The extension allows thepostponed sending of messages with times that can reach up to a month. We can set a time frame or a precise date.

Particularly useful to remember when and to whom you sent an email, since you can choose to get a return message (boomerang, in fact) to our inbox when we do not receive any response.

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Download Gmail Boomerang from here.

Just Not Sorry

The plug-in helps not to belittle a message that we want to confirm, especially in situations that involve contact with professional personalities or with your boss. In fact, it allows you to detect words as “right” and “sorry” in the text of your email, also performing a spelling correction.

The operation follows that used with the classic word processors and our way of acting, in fact, follows the same line: we will immediately go back to correct the highlighted word. We will therefore become aware of the error and will adequately correct and reinterpret it according to the level of the conversation in place. Download it from here.

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Tab Wrangler

This extension allows you to automatically close the cards for which the software does not receive a response within a certain period of time, thus freeing up valuable memory resources and avoiding confusion.

We can easily retrieve closed tabs (click on the Wrangler Tab) or choose to block some of them at our discretion, leaving them active even when we are not operating on them, thus excluding them from automatic closing.

Download Tab Wrangler from here.

In our opinion, these are the most useful extensions for Google Chrome. There are hundreds of them inside the store, for all tastes. Therefore, do not hesitate to report your comment that will allow us to discover and integrate some interesting ones. Also don’t forget to share this post on social media.