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Google Chrome: Security alerts are coming for subscription sites

Google Chrome: Security alerts are coming for subscription sites

Google Chrome users receive updates approximately every six weeks. As the browser of the Mountain View giant is one of the most popular, the company keeps it regularly updated, with new numbered versions, to offer its users an even better service.

Before launching a new update, the company always provides details on the new version that is about to be released, in this case in December. Apparently the last versionthat is the n ° 71, which will be released next month, the Google home browser will show us some notices for some websites that offer paid and subscription services.

Warnings on Google Chrome for pages with insufficient information

Google has announced that notices will appear for the pages they submit insufficient information for paid subscriptions, especially for mobile devices. In this way they should prevent users from subscribing let’s say ‘surprise’ and finding unwanted charges.

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According to the explanations that Google has given regarding the ddecision to make this change, “Every month, millions of Chrome users find themselves on pages with insufficient information about signing up for mobile subscriptions. It is not a good experience for users to find themselves being charged due to unclear communications from web pages “.

Here’s why, with da Chrome 71 (available from December 2018), Chrome will show a warning before accessing these pages, so that users can have more information before signing up for pages that could lead to subscription services.

With these notices users will be asked if they intend to go back and not access the page, or continue being aware that they could incur charges.

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Pages that do not meet the information criteria will have warnings

Google has created a list of criteria that websites must satisfy in order to charge customers for paid services. According to the American giant, in fact, users should be able to have easy access to the list of costs they are going to support. Furthermore, the tariff structures must be clear and easily understandable.

So for Google from December onwards, every site that does not meet these criteria will be blocked by one of these warnings. The message in summary will be that the page we are about to access will make us pay money, if we do not want to go back in the navigation, otherwise we will continue.

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Chrome version 71 is expected to be released in December, although Google has not yet given a precise date.