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Google, Chrome says goodbye to Gmail Offline in December

Google, Chrome says goodbye to Gmail Offline in December

We all have and use one e-mail for work, study, etc. Initially, the first e-mails were all created on the Outlook platform, with the final domain @ live.it or @ outlook.com, to be used easily on Messenger, the first historical messaging site on the computer. Subsequently, with the unchallenged expansion of Google Chrome and the less and less use of Internet Explorer, many people created an e-mail on Gmail. It is a very easy to use server, there is an online version, as if it were an Internet site, and Gmail Offline (still briefly) for those who have no connection.

Gmail Offline is about to close its doors

At the time, the application was very useful. It allowed access to Gmail without an Internet connection, automatic synchronization, a very simple interface to use. It was downloadable on any device, PC or smartphone from Chrome web storeand has reached well over 6 million users.

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Google, however, has decided to focus strongly on improving the website, initially by improving the interface and functions, then adding the possibility of making it work offline, making Gmail Offline useless. An application has also been created, continuously updated, downloadable for all Android devices and also with the possibility of working offline. The latest update of Gmail Offline, in fact, dates back to over 5 years agoclear signal on how Google has decided not to use it anymore.

A few days ago, as expected, Google, which recently celebrated its birthday, officially announced that the application will be removed from the Chrome Web Store and automatically uninstalled from the next device. December 3. The old application will do the same thing Inbox by Gmailwhich will be removed at the end of March.