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Google Chrome reduced web page load times by 28%

Google Chrome reduced web page load times by 28%

Following the release of version 56 for Windows, MacOS and Linux which took place during the last few hours, the Mountain View company discussed the improvements introduced on its Google Chrome in relation to the speed of presentation of web pages especially on mobile devices.

When a user launches the search for an Internet page, the browser starts a verification process with the web server through a validation of the URLs aimed at verifying the usability of the resource. Starting from Google Chrome 54process resolution times were reduced by 60% leading to a consequent optimization and speeding up of pages equal to + 28%.

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To achieve these results, the development team made sure to validate only the main resource, leaving the task of refreshing the other elements to a normal procedure. At this juncture, the online navigation system optimizes the resources stored in the cache memory in a targeted manner, aiming at a serious reduction in latency and less use of battery and data traffic in portable devices.

Following an optimization work that lasted two years, in the same way, also Facebook has made it known that it is finally able to provide an intelligent management of resources which leads to a significant reduction in page loading times.

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The following video highlights the improvements obtained through the new system in reference to the use of a smartphone with a slow network connection:

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