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Google Chrome, incoming function to unmask fake sites

Google Chrome, incoming function to unmask fake sites

The great development of the Internet and the web was made possible thanks to the use of browser, special programs to surf the net freely without any limit or constraint. We can read the newspaper online, listen to music, watch movies, spend time on various social networks, etc.

The first browser used for many years was the famous Internet Explorer, now clearly outdated, so much so that Microsoft recommends not using it anymore. In recent years, other browsers have taken over, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari for Apple, but above all Google Chrome.

The new function of Google Chrome against fake sites

The success of Google Chrome is easily explained. Excellent speed and fluidity of navigation, constant security during our daily tour on the web, continuous updates to prepare security patches and add new functions.

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According to what has emerged online, some computer experts have discovered that a new feature that will probably be released in the next update is in testing on Chrome Canary 70, the developer version.

This function has the specific task of unmasking fake sites, which take advantage of users ‘typing errors, the phenomenon of “‘typosquatting“. These sites copy the addresses of famous sites, changing only a letter or a number for example, so, in case of wrong typing by mistake, they can take advantage of the error and direct the user to platforms rich in malware and other viruses to steal data. sensitive.

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Instead, with the next function, Google Chrome will warn us in the bar that we are typing wrong and will suggest the correct form, undoubtedly very useful.