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Google Chrome extension warns us of any password abuse

Google Chrome extension warns us of any password abuse

In the course of its incessant web crawling, the search engine of Google constantly encounters credentials downloaded by hackers or left exposed by cybernauts heedless of danger. And since that’s all that’s waiting for, the advertising factory copy and encrypt these usernames and passwords left unattended.

By virtue of this, Google has directed its software engineers, in collaboration with crypto-boffins from the Stanford University. In order to create an extension for his hugely popular browser called Chrome Password Checkup. Which allows Chrome users to check if their passwords can be found online.

The hope is that users so warned will get the hint and change the compromised secret data.

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Members of Google’s Security & Abuse Research Team – Jennifer Pullman, Kurt Thomas and Elie Bursztein – states that “Google never learns your username or password” even by collecting data. Then they add:

“At a high level, the password checker needs to be queried by Google for the status of a username and password breach without revealing the required information.”

Mozilla also does something similar with Firefox

The rival browser of Mozilla Firefox implemented a similar service last year called Firefox Monitor. Which checks a third party called exposed credentials database HaveIBeenPwned.com.

Password manager app users 1Password they also have access to an extension that check stored credentials than those shown using the same service. Google’s password checking extension takes a similar approach with its internal dataset of 4 billion user identifiers.

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This security news on Google Chrome is coupled with this other date on Tuesday.