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Google Chrome blocks sites that do not go back

Google Chrome blocks sites that do not go back

Google Chrome is the most popular and used browser for computers and smartphones in the world, thanks to its faster speed than Edge / Internet Explorer, and its security. Credit should also be given to the continuous updates and improvements to make the browser as safe and efficient as possible.

In upcoming updates, Chrome will add the feature to block sites that obstruct the back button, i.e. return to the previous page. Let’s see what it is.

The new feature of Google Chrome

It does not happen very often to meet such pages, but it can happen to find sites, especially those that disseminate copyrighted content, such as movies or TV series, which block the back button. We can press it as many times as we want, but we always stay on that page and in the end we are forced to close and reopen the browser.

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The reasons for which these sites use this trick are mainly two: extend the time the user remains on the page, to increase earnings due to the display of advertising banners, and also because there are often false security warnings (“Your pc is been infected “) where, by pressing, you actually risk contracting malware and viruses.

Precisely for this reason Chrome has decided to implement in the coming weeks the new function to counter these sites, most of the time harmful to users. The flag # enable-skip-redirecting-entries-on-back-forward-ui must be activated by default. For now it is only theory, but it is hoped that by the beginning of January it will be activated on all devices that support the browser.