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Google Chrome, autoplay will be disabled by default from version 64

Google Chrome, autoplay will be disabled by default from version 64

Google Chrome it is certainly among the most performing browsers used today on various devices, from smartphones to tablets, from Windows PCs to MacBooks. Starting from version 64which will arrive in January 2018, Chrome it will not automatically play content with audio. In addition to leaving 2017 behind us, on December 31st we will have another reason to celebrate the new year together.

The news arrives officially through a post published by Google on the blog. Last month, however, the news had already emerged through some rumors thanks to the various development builds. The web giant explains in his post that autoplay allows you to play multimedia content more quickly and easily but it turns out to be one of the most unbearable things for users.

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Google Chrome: release 64 will make many users happy

Maybe it happens to be quiet on the bed and at a certain point see a high volume video play automatically. Other user concerns relate to data and energy consumption. Starting from Chrome 64automatic playback will only occur when the content does not contain audio or if the user has enabled or disabled this option through the settings.

This will allow theautoplay to activate only when the user wishes. The Mountain View-based giant explains that these changes will make it possible to combine web browsing behavior on desktop and mobile. Furthermore, the introduction of this new feature will make it possible to develop more predictable multimedia content on the web between platforms and browsers.

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Before seeing release 64, the 63 Of Google Chrome will bring with it a new option. This will give the user the ability to completely mute the audio on individual sites. This setting will also be present in each browsing session and will allow you to customize when and where to play the audio.