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Google Chrome 53 and earlier: End of Gmail support

Google Chrome 53 and earlier: End of Gmail support

With effect from next 8 February 2017, a ban placed in the graphical interface of Google Gmail will inform users of the need to update the Chome browser to the latest revision available, otherwise they will be unable to use the services for managing their Mountain View mailbox.

The new provision has a marginal impact on all those who have not yet updated their system while maintaining a relationship of trust towards Windows XP and Windows Vista, given that the revision Google Chrome 49 it appears to be the last release compatible with these systems.

Google invites users of old systems to switch to updated and safer operating systems, as Microsoft itself has reiterated over and over again since the launch of the new systems. An adoption that, contrary to what happened with the OS Windows 7 and Windows 8.x, was not facilitated by the promise of a free update. Therefore, many still use XP and Vista.

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Also for all those who currently use versions lower than the Google Chrome 53 the same is true. In the latter case, the situation will still be taken into consideration starting next February 8, 2017. In the meantime, here is what will happen:

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And you still use systems like Windows Xp and Windows Vista and outdated versions of the Chrome Browser? Soon it will be impossible to use the services made available by the Mountain View software house. Maybe it’s time to update. Don’t you think?

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