Good care! New scam offers you to know the new Apple iPhone 12

Apple fans are being warned to stay vigilant after the discovery of an online scam promising early access to the long-awaited iPhone 12.

Experts at security firm Sophos have warned of a “smishing” scam that makes victims think they’re previewing Apple’s next smartphone, but instead end up raiding their bank accounts.

The company is now warning users to be especially careful when clicking on links in both SMS messages and emails, and criminals seek to spread their activity using a variety of methods.

smishing scam

Sophos revealed that the scam begins with an SMS message luring victims with information about a fake delivery to an address other than their own. If the victim clicks on the link in the SMS, it takes them to a website where they receive messages from a fake Apple chatbot telling them that they were chosen to participate in a test. new iPhone 12.

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This eventually redirects the victim to one of several different scam sites, which claims there is a “free” phone messaging delivery charge. Usually this is between $1 and $2, which again helps attract victims with low cost and exclusive access to what would be the new iPhone, but accepting this leads the victim to a credit card payment form. credit hosted on what looks like a “special offers” website.

This site may seem secure and even has an HTTPS security block, but anyone who wants to pay is simply handing over their personal details, including their full card number and security code, to criminals, giving them access to their accounts.

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Paul Ducklin, a senior research scientist at Sophos, said friends don’t let themselves be ripped off. and that is why they created a detailed video of how the process of this new scam works to prevent more people from falling victim to scammers.