Get out of the shower singing with these Android mobile applications that you have to try right now | Technology

If what you are looking for is to sing and then listen to yourself with the best possible quality, you have come to the right place since we have compiled the perfect applications for it.

In the Google app store there is an immense amount of content and, normally, this tends to be overshadowed by the most popular applications that tend to be from games of all kinds to the classic messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram, without forgetting social networks . like Instagram or Twitter.

We have decided to immerse ourselves in the Play Store and, on this occasion, we have come across applications designed to bring out the best singer in you. In this collection there are different contents, the first applications are designed to serve as karaoke and the following ones to make a high quality recording.

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It has been done this way so that after singing for a long time, you can record yourself and hear how you sound while you sing. Most of these applications are free, although there are some that are paid and, in these cases, it is best that you try it and if you are not convinced, you can always return it. to recover the money invested in it.


This is the first application in the collection and its positioning is due to the fact that it is one of the best applications for singing. The way it is thought of is that it emulates karaoke and is actually considered a portable karaoke. Inside, what is found is a large number of songs that can be accessed at all times. Direct link to the Play Store.

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Smule: Sing and record karaoke

The next on the list is still a karaoke app, in fact it may have an extra point of functionality and features compared to KaraFun. The first thing is that it has more than 10 million songs of different genres. It is also much more complex in terms of pitch measurement when singing. Direct link to the Play Store.

StarMaker: Sing a karaoke song

StarMaker is possibly the most popular karaoke app. Among its features is also having a wide range of songs from different genres and, above all, allowing the possibility of adding different vocal effects while you sing. In addition, it is a social application so the performances can be shared by WhatsApp or Telegram . Direct link to the Play Store.

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nail the tone

This is the first application that stops being a karaoke as such and that is designed so that when you sing you can discover your vocal register. Nail the Pitch does not have a good or modern design, but it allows you to visualize the range you are capable of reaching when singing and, in its pro version, it allows you to record rehearsals. Direct link to the Play Store.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Just like the previous app, this one is not designed to work like a karaoke. Actually, this app is a voice recorder that has found its place in this app collection because it allows you to generate high-quality recordings of karaoke sessions. Direct link to the Play Store.

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The Soundbrenner Metronome: Master Your Tempo

In this case, the application is more useful when making recordings or singing karaoke or professionally. And, it is that, maintaining a correct tempo during the melody can be difficult for anyone who has not gone through a music school or a conservatory. Direct link to the Play Store.

Dolby on: record audio and music

The latest application is signed by Dolby and, therefore, it is clear that the quality is more than assured. It is a recorder that allows you to obtain high quality audio files, it also has a large number of tools such as noise reduction, equalizers and sound transitions. Direct link to the Play Store.

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