Game of the Month: Best PS4 Games of May 2019

Look, we’re not going to beat around the bush: May wasn’t full of blockbusters on PlayStation 4. While we ended up with a pretty long list of nominees for our Game of the Month, only one title caught our eye… But what was it? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Bronze Trophy: Team Sonic Racing

We didn’t have high hopes for Team Sonic Racing due to the gritty nature of its preview footage, but it turned out to be decent in the end. While we doubt it will be remembered as fondly as its predecessors, it’s still solid karting. Associate Editor Stephen Tailby awarded blue blur a 7/10, calling the game “a good choice for PS4 gamers who want arcade thrills.”

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Silver Trophy: RAGE 2

RAGE 2 is one of those games that has clear and obvious flaws, but is held together by an exceptional mechanic or system. In this case, it’s the combat that saves RAGE 2 from mediocrity, as co-developer id software delivers one of the best beat-to-beat shooters on PS4. We gave RAGE 2 a 7/10, concluding that its “foot action is some of the most fun we’ve had this generation.”

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Gold Trophy: Trover Saves the Universe

Another mind game from one of the twisted minds behind Rick and Morty, Trover Saves the Universe is a completely wacky ride from start to finish, and it has a great sense of humor. This was another 7/10 from Stephen, who dubbed the launch “one of the weirdest offerings on PS4”. He ended things by writing: “However you play itthe unusual landscapes, characters and settings are what make this game worth playing.”

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Platinum Trophy: Blood and Truth

Wow, this is only the second time a PlayStation VR title has won our Game of the Month award, and would you believe this is the headset’s second win in a row? It seems that Sony’s VR platform is starting to take its first steps.

Primarily a shooter that does an excellent job of making you feel like a real cockney badarse, Blood & Truth is a “PSVR dream” according to editor Sammy Barker. The Big Man gave London Studio’s explosive outing an 8/10, writing, “there’s not a single shooter on PS4 that’s more entertainingly tactile than this.”

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What was your game of the month for May 2019 for PS4?
blood and truth
Team Sonic Racing
Trover Saves the Universe

How we decided our Game of the Month: At the end of each month, the editorial team draws up a list of nominees. Nominees must have been released within one month, and preferably, they must have been reviewed by Maxi Game. We select the nominees based on our own review results.

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