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Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: epic challenge between screens, RAM and power

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: epic challenge between screens, RAM and power

We all know that 2017 will feature two highly respected flagship smartphones, which could literally change the cards on the table: let’s talk about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 (or whatever it will be called) from Apple. Let’s say that these two devices could change the rules of the game for the reasons that push the two companies to do well: on the one hand we have Samsung, which must redo the Note 7 flop and therefore cannot be wrong, it must present an almost perfect device both from the point of view of design and features. On the other hand we have Apple, which this year celebrates the iPhone 10th anniversary and which is therefore ready to abandon the current design to make room for the new. In short, the two companies have strong motivations to innovate.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: What’s New

A lot, a lot. Samsung expects to sell at least 60 million in 2017, and we’re talking about a really high figure. It will probably be presented at the next Mobile World Congress in February and the release, rumors say, could take place later, perhaps the April 18, although a “small” number of S8s, around 5 million, may go on sale sooner, but it depends on the markets. There are several rumors about the features: apart from the safe adoption of the Snapdragon 835 processor, there is even talk of 8 Gb of RAM, a possibility that seemed to have faded to tell the truth. But on January 9, memory maker SK Hynix announced the new “LPDDR4X” chip, which some sources say will be used on the Galaxy S8. The architecture uses two 8 Gigabit modules in a dual-channel configuration, equal to 64 Gigabits, i.e. 8GB of RAM. This setup means less than 30% of space inside the phone compared to current LPDDR4 memories and a battery efficiency of + 20%. In short, it would be great for Samsung engineers and users too.

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But the real novelty could be represented by the screen: according to Bloomberg you will have a screen OLED which will occupy 90% of the space, and this will be a huge leap forward compared to the always good AMOLED. In short, very powerful processor, lots of RAM, screen / surface optimization, OLEd for a better performance: this Galaxy S8 could be a bomb, without considering other details such as the Bixby virtual assistant.

iPhone 8: it will be a real revolution

The beauty is that, net of the rumors, we are talking about the same RAM memories of Galaxy S8 also for iPhone 8, as The Investor says. We don’t believe in it, given that iPhone 7 Plus has “only” 3 GB of RAM, and this would be too aggressive a leap. But never say never! In addition to this the rumors even say that iPhone 8 will be all glass and that most of the sensors will be present below the screen, including the Home button.

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The screen will definitely be OLED (at least in one of the versions, the premium one), many say curved, and it will finally be optimized with almost absent frames: this is a move that Apple absolutely must do, now all Android smartphones have adapted with the optimization of the frames. If we add the A11 processor, wireless charging and perhaps some augmented reality camera features, that’s it: we still don’t know who will win, which device will be better, what is certain is that in this 2017 we will see some good ones.