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Foxes: the very particular diet of these animals

Foxes: the very particular diet of these animals

A Scottish study once again showed a particularity of the fox diet. We are not only talking about the species that lives in the Scottish Highlands, but a little of all those scattered around the globe. The animals in question consistently feed on dog excrement. We are not talking about a small integration, but something that happens constantly.

The reason behind this food choice? Not to integrate some specific elements, but precisely for the calorie intake. It has been found that the excrements in question have a caloric intake substantially identical to the normal prey of foxes. The difference obviously lies in the fact that it is easier to go and get something helpless than it is prey able to escape.

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Foxes – a delight provided by dogs

The researchers put it: “The fact that foxes consume dog ***** in the quantities we have found is unprecedented. Rabbits and other related species are known to consume their own *****, but consumption of ***** of another species has rarely been documented and probably represents a neglected interaction between wild animals. This phenomenon would not be detectable through traditional diet study methods, but using DNA-based techniques our study revealed this interaction for the first time, leading to important questions about how human activities are affecting wildlife. “

While it may not seem like it, this scenario does cause some concern. Through the *****, the foxes could come into contact with diseases unknown to the species that they could carry imbalances in the ecosystem. Basically, in which places where humans and foxes live in close proximity there is a need for greater attention.