Fortnite: here are the Deadpool challenges of week 9

To the delight of all Marvel fans, Epic Games has decided to release new Deadpool Weekly Challenges on Fortnite. Although the famous character’s skin has already been released, the challenges and related rewards from his world keep coming. In the past few hours, the house has released those relating to week 9 of the season. Let’s find out what they consist of.

It seems that Epic Games has hit the mark with the Marvel character. There are many who play the video game just to get their hands on the exclusive themed cosmetics. This week’s reward is a style exclusive to the Deadpool skin. Here’s what you need to do to get it.

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Fortnite: here are the two challenges to complete to get the new style of Deadpool

As every week, the proposed Deadpool challenges are 2. These are quite simple to complete. The first asks to find Deadpool boxers. Just go to Midas room, inside the headquarters, to find them easily. The second, on the other hand, asks to pay homage to Deadpool’s pants. In this case, you will need to go to a location on the map, Sudate Beaches. The character’s pants are located on top of the tallest building. It is necessary to get close to complete the challenge.

Once you complete both challenges, you will be rewarded with an exclusive alternative style of the Deadpool Skin. Let’s talk about the X-Force variant inspired by Marvel characters. Recall that with the extension of Fortnite season 2, you will have until June 4th to complete the challenges. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

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