Fortnite announces the Celebration Cup in collaboration with Sony

The home of the gaming phenomenon of recent times, Epic Games, is busy with the events of Fortnite. In the past few hours, the company has announced an exclusive tournament dedicated only to PS4 users. There are several prizes. Let’s find out all the details about it together.

A few days ago there was an important Fortnite event reserved for users of the Asia / Oceania servers, the Summer Smash Cup. In a very short time, another similar event will be launched, the Celebration Cup. This will be exclusive to PS4 users around the world. Players will be able to win a cash prize of $ 1 million. Here’s when it will be held.

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Fortnite: here are the dates of the Celebration Cup

All PS4 users in the world will be able to participate in the Celebration Cup. The event will be officially held on the days of February 15 and 16. You can play on both days. The best players will take home cash prizes of up to $ 1 million. But that’s not all, users will also be able to receive virtual rewards within the game. Let’s talk about special cosmetics aimed at the best players. Those that fall into the 50% will receive a weapon skin, those that fall into the 25% will receive a pickaxe, and those that fall into the 5% will receive an exclusive skin.

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The event turns out to be exclusive. To participate, users will need to have an account or with two-factor authentication enabled. The cash prizes will cover only the second day of the event, February 16th. Look forward to any updates in this regard.