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For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus there is now Fuze, the cover that reintroduces the headphone jack

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus there is now Fuze, the cover that reintroduces the headphone jack

It must be admitted that when the Apple presented its latest models of iPhone 7, created quite a stir about the choice to remove the headphone jack by the new iPhone. Choice that saw users split in two. On the one hand, the futuristic half that believes in innovation and therefore considers the choice made by the company suitable, in order to have “wireless” devices. On the other hand, all the part of those who were a bit perplexed as they were so fond of the headphone jack and have seen it disappear into thin air with this model.

For those who belong to the latter category of people who just can’t accept their own iPhone 7 without the 3.5 mm jack, a solution seems to have been found. This is a product that will finally be able to solve this very serious lack, without damaging the phone (you have to think that some users have thought of drilling the iPhone to get a jack).

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We’re talking about a cover, it’s called Fuze, and represents one of the very first devices proposed for the market, which allows to reintroduce the jack on the iPhone 7. It must be remembered that a cover with integrated jack had already appeared in some Apple patents dating back to April or in some passionate projects but unfortunately nobody of these he had a real response.

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Fuze: the return of the jack on the iPhone 7

The Fuze Case therefore represents the only way to get the 3.5mm jack back on iPhone 7. It was presented for a fundraiser on Indiegogo and is currently the first product closest to something real. If the figure of 60 thousand dollars in one month, we read on the site, shipments will begin by December. The most important feature is that, thanks to this type of cover, it will no longer be necessary to use the adapter to listen to audio with headphones. You will simply be able to insert the cable without any additional wires.

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But that’s not the only feature. No longer needing to use the adapter, which used to occupy the Lightning connector, it will be possible again with Fuze to listen to music and charge the device at the same time. In addition, the cover mounts a secondary battery to extend the autonomy of smartphones: 2,400 mAh regarding Fuze for iPhone 7, And 3,600 mAh on the cover for iPhone 7 Plus.

Fuze: the almost perfect cover

The only flaw of the device is represented by the fact that it presents internal contacts and consequently it comes to be the resistance to water and liquids was affected.

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Despite this small inconvenience, the manufacturer has made it clear that the Fuze Case It’s composed by TPU And ABS, both resistant materials and of excellent quality, in practice the same used by Apple for the production of covers with integrated battery. As for the price, it will be of 69 dollars, with the exception of those who support the Indiegogo project, who will be able to buy it at a discounted price of 49 dollars.

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