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Foldable iPhone coming in 2022, will KO iPad mini!

Foldable iPhone coming in 2022, will KO iPad mini!

Foldable smartphones are defined by many as the future of technology. Despite this, to date, no manufacturer has yet managed to bring a complete product into the field. Samsung is definitely improving, and the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is proof of this, but there is still a long way to go. Apple is among the companies interested in the technology. Will she, as usual, revolutionize the smartphone market with a foldable iPhone?

Although Apple has never mentioned it explicitly, it is clear that it has a big interest in foldable devices. This is confirmed by the dozens of patents related to such products presented by the house in recent months. According to one sourcefoldable iPhones will officially debut on the market by 2022. These will spell the end of the iPad mini. Here are all the details.

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Foldable iPhones: What Will They Look Like?

Cupertino is evaluating different solutions regarding the future foldable iPhone. The company’s goal is to bring a complete device that does not make users compromise of any kind. The foldable iPhone will be a classic closed iPhone and a full-screen iPad mini open. At the moment, we cannot know what the key features of the device will be. It seems, however, that the release date is already known. One source, in fact, suggests the next 2022 as the debut year of the first folding iPhone.

The foldable iPhone, among other things, will also mark the end of the iPad mini. A small tablet, already highly snubbed by everyone, will no longer make sense after the launch of the new smartphone. It is by reason of what the company will put it out of production immediately after the launch of the device. Obviously, what has just been said is only the result of rumorsConsequently, the cards on the table could change. Look forward to all updates on this.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.it