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FluBot, one of the most dangerous malware for Android could become a major threat

FluBot, one of the most dangerous malware for Android could become a major threat

There is always new malicious malware lurking or about to be created. However, there are currently two of them and they have the same infrastructure and infection tactics. And if you were wondering if the matter is serious and risky, then it is. This because FluBot it is the malware from which it draws inspiration Jellyfish, a virus as terrible and powerful as the first.

Because FluBot is one of the most dangerous malware for Android

FluBot steals passwords, bank details and other sensitive information from infected smartphones. This malware it is also capable of accessing the contact list and sending malicious SMS to all of them. And most of these messages are designed to act as alerts for a missing package. Yes, the very ones we receive more and more often and who warn us that a package has been blocked and we need to provide new shipping details.

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The curious thing about this malware is that it is limited to only victims / users in Europe. Which prompted national cybersecurity agencies to issue warnings about this prolific malware.

What the new Medusa malware does

Medusa is a malware inspired by the success of FluBot. Hence it is capable of stealing sensitive information via keylogging, screenshots and data collection on how the phone is used. And he obviously copied FluBot’s techniques to spread their malware.

In fact, Medusa used the same app names and similar icons that FluBot used in its most successful campaigns. In addition to looking the same as FluBot, Medusa’s cybercriminals they also spread their malware via SMS.

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It is true that Medusa is not a new malware, as it appeared in 2020, but if it continues to compile techniques it could become a threat. Indeed, it had previously been radicalized in Turkey, but is now starting to target users in Europe and North America.

Are FluBot and Medusa still a threat?

Both malware continue to be dangerous, as over time they will acquire more techniques that could put many people’s data at risk. FluBot is already developing a feature that allows you to ignore or interact with app notifications.