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Fat and sleep: how bad sleep changes our body

Fat and sleep: how bad sleep changes our body

There are several types of fat and perhaps the most subtle because it is dangerous and difficult to identify is that visceral. According to a new study, the latter also accumulates from lack of sleep, a connection that changes the cards on the table. The results arrived on a small group of volunteers, but they show themselves with unequivocal numbers, even if they will still be confirmed through other research.

Absolutely 12 volunteers were taken with a low body weight. They were then divided into two subgroups based on how much sleep they could get, eight for one and four for the other. After a period of 21 days, three weeks, it was seen that the abdominal fat of the second group increased by 9% while in the visceral area increased by 11%an important and dangerous increase for general health.

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Visceral fat: the danger of getting little sleep There were other important differences to point out.

The calorie intake of the participants of the second group increased by an average of 300 calories per day. Despite this, however, the increase in body weight was practically nil, just half a kilo, but the reason concerns precisely the visceral fat. The latter is not easily identifiable and therefore it is easy to ignore it.

In the words of the study authors: “Inadequate sleep appears to redirect fat to the most dangerous visceral compartment. Importantly, although there was a decrease in calorie intake and weight during recovery sleep, visceral fat continued to increase. This suggests that inadequate sleep is a previously unrecognized trigger for visceral fat deposition and that recovery sleep, at least in the short term, does not reverse visceral fat accumulation. “