Faster GPU for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 (PS5) has more RAM and better SSD

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be released at the end of 2020, but which system is the faster of the two remains unclear for the time being. According to an insider, the two will not be inferior to each other in terms of performance, but they do differ in certain areas. In a tweet, Tidux made a technical comparison between the two consoles, with the source claiming that final versions of the PS5 devkit are now in circulation.

GPU PS5 RAM PS5> XSX (BW and size)
SSD PS5> XSX (Speed ​​and size)
Performance PS5> XSX

This is what info i have gathered over the last few weeks. Final dev kits for PS5 are out.

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– Tidux (@Tidux) January 29, 2020

According to the published information, Xbox Series X has the advantage in terms of graphics processing power. The GPU of Microsoft’s console would have about 1 Teraflop of extra computing power compared to the PS5. That’s a significantly smaller difference than the gap that exists between the current PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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Both systems would be equivalent in terms of CPU. The PS5 reportedly has more RAM and a faster SSD. Recent rumors have suggested that Microsoft will use a Phison PS5019-E19T SSD controller, which is specifically designed to connect through a PCI Express 4.0 interface. The controller does not use a DRAM cache and is based on a PCI Express 3.0 controller, so it does not deliver the performance of a full-fledged PCI Express 4.0 device. Phison claims that the PS5019-E19T achieves maximum sequential read and write speeds of 3,700MB / s and 3,000MB / s, respectively.

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The PlayStation 5 therefore seems to be the better of the two in terms of overall performance, with a graphics advantage over the Xbox Series X.

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