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Fantasy football: it could have negative effects on our body

Fantasy football: it could have negative effects on our body

According to The Guardian newspaper that launched the news, fantasy football could have negative effects on our body, especially on our mind. However, how much do we have to take this aspect into consideration and how much can this playful activity become a threat? The assiduous way where many people play this game should make us put gods mental health questions.

It should also prompt us to investigate all of them better possible effects that could affect our psyche. Contextualising levels of independence means first of all asking the right questions and not jumping to the wrong conclusions. Although it is a mass phenomenon that affects only in Italy about 6 million people and this study is one of the first in this field.

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Health, fantasy football could have negative effects

In the near future this slice of supporters is expected to continue to increase, reaching around 9 million and it is thought that the game app downloads increases to 285 billion in 2022. Precisely for this reason fantasy football is considered the number one fantasy sport globally. It is very interesting as it is considered a hybrid between betting and video games, both related to play and the possible symptoms of depression, anxiety and life satisfaction.

Precisely because of the extent of this phenomenon, the researchers conducted a survey with people interviewed for a total of over 1,900 people. The average age of those who contributed to the study was 33 years and almost 96% of the respondents were male. An added feature is that most people do rely on the contents of the system itself. Applications and profiles that give advice on how to play every day and websites that continuously send news.

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The importance of social media

So the possible form of addiction is very often influenced by this characteristic and by the great strength of social media, instruments on which enormous studies have made great strides. Only a minority of players have experienced mental health problems and these symptoms do not appear to be related to real life, only to the gaming experience. Future research will best explain if these feelings can tie into everyday life.

Low mood, anxiety, functional impairment and problematic behavior were also found only in individuals in the highest groups for involvement or a narrow range of players. This parameter should be linked to the years of experience. More years of play resulted in a high mental health score. Only people who are capable of manage their mental health appropriately they will continue to play for such a long time. The conclusion of this study is really encouraging in that we are not facing an epidemic.

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