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Facebook worried about iOS 14 tracking prevention

Facebook worried about iOS 14 tracking prevention

Last June, Apple unveiled the long-awaited iOS 14. Among the features that will debut with it, also one that has made many advertising companies turn up their noses and beyond. We are obviously talking about the feature that will allow users to disable device tracking within apps. Among the houses concerned about the new feature, even Facebook. Here’s why

The major privacy change that Apple has decided to introduce with iOS 14 could have negative consequences on the finances of many companies. Thanks to the new feature, in fact, users will be able to stop tracking within the various apps. This will involve administering generic advertising not related to the interests of users. As a result, advertisers will invest less and less.

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Facebook: meeting with advertisers to take stock of the situation

Many of Facebook’s advertising partners are video game and app companies. Until now, they have made their fortune by targeting a specific target of customers. The new feature of iOS 14 will prevent the social network from administering advertising in a targeted manner. The consequence will be a lower income for the houses and a lower income for Facebook. According to analysts, this will also affect Apple itself. The Cupertino giant will lose earnings through game and app downloads precisely because of this new feature.

The house of the bitten apple has made it clear that it does not appear to be absolutely against targeted advertising. The intention, in fact, is not to block them but give users more control over it. Now, we just have to see how Facebook and others decide to act. Look forward to any updates in this regard.