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Facebook wants Messenger to become the default app on iOS

Facebook wants Messenger to become the default app on iOS

The home of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, returns to collide with the giant of the bitten apple. This time, the issue is about the messaging app present on iOS devices. According to what was reported by the The Information, the well-known blue social network would be persistently asking Apple to give users the possibility to choose Messenger as their default messaging app. How will Apple respond?

As you well know, iOS 14 has brought to the field 2 big news regarding customization. It is finally possible to choose the default apps for the browser and for e-mails. What Facebook is asking Apple is to do the same for the messaging app as well. Too bad, however, that the complications are many. Here are all the details about it.

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Facebook: Messenger as the default app on iOS?

The vice president of Facebook is convinced, users should be able to choose the default messaging app on iOS. At the moment, Apple does not allow any changes to be made in this sense. The hope of the social network is that, over time, it will open up more and more to personalization (which is already happening). If Apple has not yet decided to take such a step, however, there is a reason.

Introducing the ability to change the default messaging app would require a more substantial change of iOS than those made for the browser and mail. Furthermore, all messaging apps should constantly update to ensure high levels of privacy security worthy of the Cupertino giant. For this reason, Apple is unlikely to agree to Facebook’s request. Never say never. Look forward to further updates on this.