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Facebook: test for the new News Feed on Android!

Facebook: test for the new News Feed on Android!

In recent times Mark Zuckerberg’s house is working hard to improve its products. Today, let’s talk about Facebook and the arrival of a feature that many were waiting for. We are talking, of course, about something capable of customize the News Feed. Let’s find out what it is.

In the past few days, the house of Facebook has started to distribute, for Android users, a feature capable of making the News Feed of the social media “customizable”. How does it all work? Here are all the details about it.

Facebook: new News Feed coming soon

Until now we have been used to looking at the Facebook news feed as it is proposed to us. Very soon, we will all have the ability to decide what kind of content to see. The new feature being tested for Android users brings to the field a panel that allows you to do just that. Within the tab it will be possible to select whether to display the news in the classic way, whether to display those from our favorites or whether to display the most recent ones first. A feature of this kind, albeit very simple, has never been seen on the well-known social network. When will it arrive for everyone?

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As mentioned, testing of the new feature has just started for some users on Android. It will take some time, therefore, before we see it arrive on all devices. Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: geralt from PixaBay