Facebook Messenger, an update for the Android version arrives

Last week, Mark Zuckenberg’s company Facebook rolled out a big update to the instant chat application Facebook Messenger on iOS devices. The update, however, will also arrive soon on Android smartphones and tablets, but in a different way.

“Our goal is to build for each platform’s unique strengths,” a Facebook spokesperson told Autority Android.
The company rewrote the entire Messenger code base for Apple’s iOS platform. The goal, Facebook said, was to create a smaller, faster, and simpler application that loads twice as fast and takes up less space on your phone. The company did this through a project it calls Project LightSpeed. Importantly, Facebook says this new mobile app for iOS users is based on the belief that the company will use its future private messaging services even more.

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The update of Facebook Messenger on Android

Unlike the iOS mobile app, Messenger for Android will see Facebook follow a different path. “We don’t plan to take the exact same approach as iOS, as we have had a Messenger Lite app on Android for years,” the company said in a statement. The size of Facebook Messenger is generally around 225 MB, although it varies a lot from device to device. That’s a lot of storage for a messaging application. Facebook Messenger Lite for Android, on the other hand, it’s much, much smaller, just 8MB. The Lite variant of Messenger is typically recommended for those using low-cost devices or those living in areas with sparse or inconsistent cellular coverage.

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“We plan to introduce key elements of Project LightSpeed ​​(eg build reusable, build a new server framework) to further improve reliability and performance for our Android users,” the company said.