Facebook launches its own dialer on Android

Facebook makes Hello, its own dialer for managing contacts dedicated to the Android mobile operating system, available for download.

Facebook the colossus of social networks and social chats, continues to develop applications dedicated to the android world to remain increasingly at the center of attention of smartphone and tablet users; after the announcement of the Facebook Home launcher, developed to ensure that users can make the most of the potential of the social network, the American company has developed and made available a new application for managing contacts since yesterday.

The new android app is called Hello and can replace the original Android dialer and manage all your personal contacts, friends, relatives, acquaintances and so on; the application is available on the Google Play Store but currently seems to be downloadable only in some countries, and the Italian translation seems to be out of sight at the moment.

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The main feature of Hello is that the list of your contacts, the information of the latter are directly extracted from your Facebook account so that, according to the developer, it is easier to stay in touch with the people you hang out with.

Thanks to the information available on Facebook, for example, Hello is able to recognize the caller even if you have not yet entered his mobile or home number in the contact list.

Facebook Hello therefore acts as a real telephone dialer but in addition it allows you to manage your fleet of contacts:

  1. For example, you can block unwanted calls or contacts;
  2. Block numbers or contacts that have already been blocked by your friends or by a large number of people (perhaps it is spam);
  3. Search for contacts that are already in your address book or on Facebook without having to change the application;
  4. You will always have the latest profile updates (mood, photos) of your contacts;
  5. You can access the Facebook profile of your contacts simply with a click;
  6. You can send text messages and make VOIP calls for free with Messenger;
  7. You can make normal phone calls, edit and add contacts like a normal dialer (move contacts from a sim or to the phone etc.).
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If you want to try Facebook Hello you can download it directly from the Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet enabled for calls, or otherwise you can visit the official website of the Play store that you find in this LINK; obviously we do not know how well the software is optimized (consumption of ram or battery) so you will have to do some tests yourself and check if it is the right Android dialer for you.