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Everything you need to know about Need for Speed ​​Heat

Everything you need to know about Need for Speed ​​Heat

Tomorrow he will appear after a long wait: Need for Speed ​​Heat. Ghost Games has already made several Need for Speed ​​games, including Payback in 2017. Heat takes things a little differently. LauraJenny tells you how.

Hurray, Need for Speed ​​is 25 years old and that is celebrated with the 24th game in the series. This time you’re driving in a kind of creative approach to Miami called Palm City. Think of palm trees, a relaxed vibe, a little sun that shines in your eyes while driving: wonderful! In the game you get 127 cars from 33 manufacturers including Ferrari. That’s a nice one, because the Italian car house was not present in Payback due to a problem with the license.

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In this game, you no longer have to wait until night to take part in an illegal street race, because you can influence the day and night cycle yourself. In those night races you get ‘rep’, which means that your reputation keeps getting better. However, with more fame comes more police attention, so you have to shake off the friends in blue regularly. The agents act very hard at night, so the ‘heat’ is on, shall we say. If they have to use a chopper or some sort of battering ram car, they will happily do so.


You have to shake off the cops and get safely to your safe house or else you’ll lose all your rep for that night. By the way, that rep also means that your performance upgrades no longer come via random Speedcards. There are also no loot boxes in the game, but there is of course paid downloadable content of which you know in advance what to expect. By the way, you can unlock new parts of your car with your rep, to pay for it too, however, you also need the day.

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You can drop the evening nice and early if you would like to participate in illegal races, but there is also something to be won during the day. During the day you have to stick to official races, where you earn money to actually purchase those parts that you were able to unlock with your rep. The police are of course also present, but only to put you aside for speeding while you discover the wide open world in daylight. It is then a lot less stressful, because you are not doing anything completely illegal.

Changing your avatar

What’s completely new is that you can also customize your character. Your avatar has never been more important before (which makes sense, you rarely see it), but in Heat you can change its appearance considerably. What’s an even cooler new thing is the Need for Speed ​​Heat app. With this you can already pimp cars on your smartphone and use them in your game. In addition, new cars will be released in the app every week, once the game is released.

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So far I’ve mostly told you about the single player mode, but of course you can also race multiplayer. Alldrive online multiplayer mode is back, where you can create teams and take on other racers with your crew. This slightly freer multiplayer mode is really cool, because even if your friends are doing great in races, you can benefit from it in the leaderboard. You can race with a total of 16 people at the same time in online multiplayer.

Nice beats

You can tell a lot about a Need for Speed ​​game, but in general you learn the most about what to expect by watching trailers. Earlier in this article you will find a trailer, and another one to follow. Here you can see what you can expect visually, but an atmosphere is also created in terms of music. Expect music from one of my favorite artists, BJ The Chicago Kid, but also Burna Boy, Diplo, Logic and French Montana will be there. The game’s soundtrack also contains a lot of Latin-esque beats, which of course fits perfectly with racing in the sun, or in the light of the neon of the city.

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In short, we can say that Heat is a difference of day and night compared to its predecessor (badumtss). But, will Need for Speed ​​Heat become a new Underground? Tomorrow, November 8, you can find out when Need for Speed ​​Heat will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. With EA Access you have had access since November 5th. Enjoy!