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Elon Musk’s Starlink points to WiFi on planes in flight

Elon Musk’s Starlink points to WiFi on planes in flight

Elon Musk’s Starlink, with its satellite internet, appears to be in talks with some airlines to provide them with WiFi service on aircraft during the flight. It was the same to say it Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of Starlink and head of commercial sales for SpaceX. The statement of him was made during the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit, last Wednesday. With his broadband networks, Elon Musk is therefore also aiming for air.

Hofeller stated that “the aviation product under development… We have already done some demonstrations to date and we are trying to finalize that product to be installed on airplanes in the near future ”.

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Starlink prepares its system for commercial aviation

Last Friday it was already requested to the Federal Communications Commission, approval for testing in five US statesof an upgraded receiver with a square shaped antenna, a common base design for aircraft antennas.

Hofeller also said the antenna design for airlines will feature technology similar to that already present within its terrestrial internet terminals. Also in this case system hardware for aircraftwill be designed and built by SpaceX and compared to the current one will have “obvious improvements for aviation connectivity”.

The antennas that will be installed on the aircraft could connect with ground stations to communicate with Starlink satellites. Furthermore, in order for Starlink to provide connectivity to aircraft flying over remote parts, away from ground stations, inter-satellite links, a system in which satellites communicate with each other using laser links without first bouncing signals from ground stations. And this technology is already in the future of Starlink.

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The company is ready for competition

Thanks to his efforts, the SpaceX company feels ready to face the fiercest competition. As Hofeller put it: “All in all, passengers and customers want a great experience that the systems they simply cannot provide. So it will be up to the individual airline respond to this need in a reactive wayor agree with a system that is not as responsive to their customers’ demand ”, obviously referring to the competition.

There is indeed stiff competition between Starlink and the OneWebwhich is also targeting Internet services in flight with its constellation and has made its plans known in detail, unlike SpaceX.

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Ph.Credit: Official SpaceX Photos – Starlink Mission