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  5. Elon Musk wants to build a stable base on the moon inhabited by humans

Elon Musk wants to build a stable base on the moon inhabited by humans

Elon Musk wants to build a stable base on the moon inhabited by humans

In the conference that took place after the launch of the Crew Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS), Elon Musk founder of SpaceX, he said he wouldn’t mind traveling into space in his spacecraft at all. Musk, who has never traveled to space, said “I would be happy to go to the vehicle. I think it has a good design ”.

The United States could go back to taking astronauts to space

This mission, born from the collaboration with NASA, is fundamental for the future of SpaceX and above all of the US space agency. This is the first launch of a commercial spaceship to transport astronauts to the ISS, and is an all-American project, from 8 billion dollarswhich saw its dawn in 2010.

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The main goal is to return to the ability of the US to take astronauts into space. A lost faculty in 2011, with the retirement of the space shuttledue to safety concerns and high costs (approximately $ 15 billion per mission).

For Elon Musk and the entire SpaceX team, the success of the Crew Dragon would be the culmination of a 17-year dream. In fact, much has passed since the founding of the company and the beginning of Elon Musk’s space dreams.

At the conference, Musk felt himself satisfied with the flight of the Crew Dragon, although it will be necessary to wait for his return to decree the success of the Demo-1 mission. Although he said he felt “a little emotionally exhausted because he’s been super stressful, but so far it’s been fine. We have overcome some of the riskiest steps “.

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Ready for the test flight with astronauts on board

And if the unmanned test, what will that with astronauts be like? According to Musk it will be “extremely stressful, but this test flight, I think it’s very important to feel more peaceful about flying with Bob and Doug”. After the Musk launch, he talked to the two NASA astronauts who will fly the Crew Dragon, probably in July. The astronauts appeared serene, Behnken intervened by saying that exactly what the SpaceX team had foreseen happened during the launch, and this is encouraging.

A look to the future with a stable base on the Moon

Now NASA and SpaceX are looking to the future with a common goal, to create a stable base on the Moon. Towards the end of the conference, Musk and Bridenstine in fact talked about their future plans. For Elon Musk “we should have a base on the moon, permanently occupied by astronauts. From this base, people could be sent to Mars. This is what we should do. Maybe there is something beyond the ISS, but we will see, now we have to focus on the Crew Dragon, this is the priority, but later, maybe we will aim beyond the low earth orbit ”.

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In her conclusion Bridenstine spoke of future NASA projects, which are in line with SpaceX’s goals. Stating that a base on the Moon “is the first space policy directive the President of the United States gave me as a NASA administrator. We will go to the moon in a sustainable way. There is no doubt that SpaceX has some truly amazing ideas about what we could do with a base on the Moon. ”