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Elon Musk launches the new challenge: SpaceX rockets for land transport

Elon Musk launches the new challenge: SpaceX rockets for land transport

Elon Musk he is a man full of surprises, his interest in space exploration and the money spent on the project are now known SpaceX they prove it, but not everyone knows that the rockets of the private aerospace company could also be used for land transport.

The South African-born entrepreneur is not new to bombastic statements, apparently in his thoughts there is an interplanetary transport network, which could one day allow travel on land and towards the outside of our planet.

Elon Musk surprises once again

SpaceX works on the Falcon Heavy, the rocket that could take us to Mars, high investments and maximum commitment from the team, the Red Planet is the great goal but it is not the only goal of Elon Musk. Reaching Mars will not be a joke, but in the course ofInternational Astronautical Congress which was held in Adelaide, Musk has relaunched its commitment.

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A useful technology to reach new space destinations, but also to radically change the way we understand land transport. For the moment, it is only a statement, the businessman has not disclosed further details, but this is already enough to trigger the comments of the insiders.

A system similar to that of air transport, with gigantic launch ramps in correspondence with the main world cities. Rockets that will reach Earth’s orbit and then return downwards and arrive at their destination. To travel more than 11,000 kilometers it will take about 40 minutes.

Travel times not even comparable to those we are used to, 27 thousand kilometers of maximum speed, would be the fastest means of mass transport in human history. According to Musk, costs would not be a problem, tickets similar to those of airlines, each rocket would have to carry about 200 people.

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How long will we have to wait before traveling at full speed from one side of the planet to the other? Few certainties about the timing, we remember in fact that it is a simple proposal, but Elon Musk has surprised us several times and therefore it would not be surprising if this crazy plan were to be translated into concrete.