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Electronic cigarettes: the effects of use on the lungs

Electronic cigarettes: the effects of use on the lungs

The electronic cigarettes they were initially seen as a “healthy” alternative to traditional ones. Over the years this vision has changed mainly due to health problems related to the frequent use of devices, problems very often related to oils used for various tastes. According to a new study, there are other problems such as an increased chance of developing symptoms of breathing problems.

We are talking about the wheezing, for example, but not only. The data showed that the youngest are those at risk, if only simply for the fact that they are the slice of the population most inclined to use e-cigarettes. The gap between normal smokers was particularly evident.

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Electronic cigarettes – a not so healthy alternative

The words of the researchers of the Boston University School of Public Health: “The present study finds a significant prospective association between vaping and the subsequent development of respiratory symptoms in a large nationally representative cohort of young adults with no history of respiratory symptoms. This evidence highlights an urgent public health imperative for stronger regulatory standards at all levels of government to stop the youth vaping epidemic in its path. “

The worst situation, however, is that of double smokers that is, those who use both electronic and traditional cigarettes. There is talk of a probability of almost a 20% risk greater than develop symptoms related to respiratory problems. Studies on this are actually still few and the initial push of a few years ago was blocked mainly by the pandemic.