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  5. Electrolux Create 5 Air Fryer Review: small and with good performance

Electrolux Create 5 Air Fryer Review: small and with good performance


Electrolux Create 5 Air Fryer Review: small and with good performance

Electrolux is not only large appliances or products for extraction, but it is a reality able to range in the most varied areas, up to the small appliances for the kitchen. Today we talk about the air fryer (model E5AF1-4GB), a relatively inexpensive product, on sale for just over 100 euros, but with excellent performance. Let’s find out together in the review complete.

Aesthetics and Design

In our home product analysis Electrolux we are greatly appreciating the attention that the company places in design and construction materials, signal important in a market that is increasingly rich in models (too) similar to each other. The reviewed device is almost entirely made of plastic, while offering one pleasant feeling of premium, mainly thanks to the coating spatula on the lower sides, able to make it more resistant to splashes or dirt (in stark contrast to the Philips AirFryer, glossy proposals and therefore very easy to dirty).

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The shiny insert is found only in the part central / upper, gives elegance, without departing from the reasoning just expressed. At the center of the latter we find two ferrules for adjusting temperature And timing, the outermost with a knurled coating for a firmer grip. The only difficulty encountered concerns one sensitivity not very marked, in other words it is complex to think of setting for example 2 minutes of timer (each notch corresponds to 2 minutes). Next to the aforementioned there are places two ledswhich identify the connection to the power socket, and the actual ignition of the machine.

Dimensionally speaking the product it is not particularly cumbersome, as it reaches 330 x 270 x 355mmwith a weight that slightly exceeds i 4 kg. Finding a place for it on the kitchen couldn’t be simpler, plus it almost looks like a design element, being certainly a “beautiful sight”. During use the i rubber feetgive excellent stability and prevent slipping.

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Performance and Use

The container where to place the food to be fried (i.e. the external bowl) has an ad mechanism interlocking, with quick positioning and without requiring excessive effort. To access the basket real, it is possible to move the small plastic cover and press the release button, easily removing everything (as on any other air fryer), the drilling instead makes any fat in excess inside the bowl. Made of steel with non-stick coating, it can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

The model reviewed is intended for a family consisting of one number reduced of people, although there is still one capacity from 2.5 liters, up to 800 grams of chips, for example. The dimensional ratio, between product and basket, is positively favorable, in order to obtain the maximum with the small footprint. The features of this Electrolux Create 5 are unchanged compared to a traditional model, it was created to offer the user the possibility of enjoy the fries in a healthier way, creating a flow of hot air, consequently heating the ingredients from all angles. This leads the product to be particularly versatile, as it is capable of to frybake, roast and grill, without having to resort to accessories or additional devices.

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In our weeks of testing we put the model to the test with various recipes, starting with the classics french fries (both to be fried in oil and baked), passing through breaded cutlets, baked goods and the like. Although the dimensions are compactwe were blown away by his ability to succeed cook every single element evenly, without having to stop cooking for example to mix the contents. The timer from 60 minutes it is more than adequate for most preparations, the same goes for the maximum temperature of 200 degrees (reached in a few seconds).

In daily use the noise the emission of hot air in the back does not affect positioning in the kitchen, you only need to pay attention to do not cover itthus avoiding obstructing the flow of air itself.

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Electrolux Air Fryer Create 5: conclusions

In conclusion the air fryer home Electrolux it is the ideal companion for users who are looking for a product that is not particularly bulky, however with a good internal capacity. The design and the construction materials undoubtedly represent the strengths that lead us to recommend their purchase; the performance is adequate for the type, with surprising results when the basket is particularly good filled of food to cook.

The only note we can make concerns perhaps one sensitivity too small of the ring nut relating to the adjustment of the timermaking it complex to set up a time relatively small.

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Electrolux Create 5

119 euros


Aesthetics and Design

8.5 / 10


8.0 / 10


7.5 / 10


8.0 / 10



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